An Introduction to BidSwitch Deals Sync

Since 2015, deals have become a more important part of the programmatic ecosystem, with 88.4% of programmatic budgets spent on programmatic direct channels as of November 2021 – a number expected to exceed 90% by 2023. 

With these statistics in mind, it’ll come as no surprise that both buyers and sellers are keen to streamline the deals management process. It’s all too common that deals are managed manually, agreed and executed via email chains and copy/paste operations, despite the many leaps in ad tech over recent years.

This is time-consuming, error-prone, and inefficient at scale. To solve this problem, the team at BidSwitch developed an API and bulk upload based solution called Deals Sync which automates the deals management process. 

Here’s how it works. 

What is BidSwitch Deals Sync?

BidSwitch Deals Sync is an automated protocol which seamlessly passes all negotiated deal information between BidSwitch-connected supply and demand partners. It eliminates the need to manually manage deals on the demand-side, passing all essential details directly to supported DSPs via an automated API connection. 

Deals Sync reduces potential errors and frees up valuable human and technology resources so partners can focus on more strategic and value-focused tasks. It also ensures more seamless and successful execution of private and open auction deals with full transparency – and no added fees. 

Once deals are negotiated between supply and demand partners, the fine-grain details can be communicated via Deals Sync using either a direct API connection on one or both sides, or via bulk upload using the BidSwitch UI as an intermediary. In either case, Deals Sync reduces the risk of copy/paste errors, missed deals details, or simple human error. This is particularly useful when multiple deal IDs are required across multiple clients. 

How BidSwitch Deals Sync works

Deals Sync can work in two different ways: via API or bulk upload. 

No matter which option partners choose, managing deals becomes much more straightforward without any need for chasing emails or manually managing deal IDs. 

The most seamless option is the Deals Sync API integration. When both the supply and demand side of the transaction are integrated with the API, BidSwitch effectively becomes invisible, so deals and all associated details simply appear in the DSP’s ‘Negotiation’ screen or equivalent. If deals are passed via API to a DSP which is not already integrated with Deals Sync, the deal details will instead be available to download via the BidSwitch UI as a bulk worksheet. 

The second option is a bulk upload, which uses a specific worksheet template to ensure that all relevant deal details are documented and nothing is missed. This will include details like flight dates, deal ID, DSP seat, floor price, and so on. From there, suppliers can upload the bulk worksheet to BidSwitch where it can then be downloaded and processed by any relevant demand-side partners for activation. 

Why use BidSwitch Deals Sync?

So, those are the nuts-and-bolts of Deals Sync – but what’s in it for you as a BidSwitch-connected partner? 

Here are 4 compelling reasons to integrate with the Deals Sync API and start automating your deals management process. 

#1: Optimize your workflows

By integrating with the BidSwitch Deals Sync API, connected partners can enjoy faster and more accurate deals setup as well as real-time delivery updates across all of their programmatic channels. 

#2: Integrate your systems

A Deals Sync API integration means connected demand partners will receive deals directly into their DSP user interface, then be able to activate those deals in just a few clicks with no manual work. With one simple integration, they’ll be able to see deals information from all supply partners who are using Deals Sync, speeding up decision-making and campaign management. 

#3: Make troubleshooting easy

Deals Sync makes it easy to validate deals data, meaning troubleshooting is more straightforward than ever. Having an additional source of data and insights about deals-based transactions also speeds up the troubleshooting process for potential trading issues. 

#4: Save time and resources

Deals Sync helps connected partners say goodbye to the time and human resources misspent on manual deals management and set-up, allowing for quicker time to activation and a longer overall run time. That means more opportunity for demand partners and better monetization for supply partners – so everybody wins. 

No matter where you sit in the programmatic landscape, if you’d like to know more about BidSwitch Deals Sync – or start the API integration process today – just speak to your account manager or jump straight in to our technical documentation.