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In-Game Advertising Guide

Looking to level-up your advertising game? In our In-Game Advertising Buyer's Guide, you'll learn the fundamentals of this growing sector, understand its unique creative potential, and pinpoint in-game suppliers to start trading today. Game on


CTV Buyer's Guide

Switch on to a new channel of opportunity with our CTV Buyer's Guide, helping buyers get to grips with today's rapidly expanding Connected TV space. Discover viewership stats, ad spend forecasts, and key suppliers with this new take on the TV guide. 


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Audio Guide 2022 V1_Poli-K

Digital Audio Guide

With 73% of US adults now listening every month, audio advertising is music to any buyer's ears. Our Digital Audio Buyer's Guide will help you understand the audio landscape across podcasts, audiobooks, music, radio, and more. We'll also share the key players and insights directly from the bidstream. Tune in via the link below.


Digital Out-of-Home Guide

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) billboards are popping up everywhere and they are slowly but surely, replacing traditional out-of-home advertising in terms of spend volumes. After being hit hard during the pandemic, DOOH
is now seeing its second major surge in adoption. Find out how you can take advantage of Digital Out-of-Home is our latest advertising guide below.


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BidSwitch - Native

Native Advertising Guide

Native advertising is emerging as a top format in a time when more seamless, less intrusive advertising is the desired customer experience. It is becoming one of the most immersive and effective methods of reaching audiences and unsurprisingly, ad spend is on the rise. Download our Native Advertising Guide to find out how you can take advantage of the native opportunity.




Research studies

Fragmentation vs. Consolidation

Effects in the Programmatic Technology Ecosystem

Download research study

Demystifying Deal ID

The Future of Programmatic Trading

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State of Programmatic Report 2022

A collection of market research, data, trends, and forecasts, compiled by The MediaGrid to help buyers and sellers understand the changing landscape and future-proof their own programmatic strategies.

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Going Green in 2023

Research Report: How AdTech is Approaching Environmental Sustainability

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Case studies


How PlaceIQ saved 26% on media spend

PlaceIQ was eager to explore a product that claimed to deliver significant cost savings in the midst of these ever changing auction dynamics.

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Bidtellect Case Study-01

Bidtellect Saves 35% on Bidstream Processing Costs Using SmartSwitch

Using BidSwitch's SmartSwitch technolgoy, demand-side platform (DSP) and advertising technology company Bidtellect was able to reduce the hardware costs associated with processing and analyzing (listening to) bidstream data.

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