Best Practices for Trading CTV with BidSwitch

No matter where you sit in the programmatic landscape, with CTV ad spend set to soar higher than $25 billion by 2025, there’s never been a better time to start capitalizing on the CTV opportunity. 

At BidSwitch, we’ve been keeping a close eye on CTV trends and monitoring the growth of this burgeoning space across the programmatic ecosystem. In fact, the boom in CTV ad spend – and how programmatic is a catalyst for its growth – was the focus of our most recent webinar

If you’re already sold on the CTV opportunity, our team has been working on something that should help you make the most of it. 

Over the last year, we’ve worked closely with our partners to conduct a series of consultations and analysis to begin to carve out some best practices for trading CTV programmatically. 

Whether you’re a CTV buyer or seller, our quick guide to CTV trading best practices is full of practical, actionable steps you should already be taking to optimize your trading – and maximize your results.

In this guide, we cover several topics which are essential for effective CTV trading, including:


    • Content objects
    • app-ads.txt
    • Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI)
    • Impression tracking
    • …and more

To download the free PDF guide, simply click here. No sign-up required.