BidSwitch introduces “Flexible Fee Assignment”, providing greater transparency & control.

As many programmatic tech players in the industry know, finding the transparency sweet spot with respect to “ad tech taxes,” is an ongoing challenge. Many are going so far as to remove buy-side fees completely.

As part of BidSwitch’s ongoing effort to provide partners with much greater flexibility and control over how they commercially structure and manage their programmatic partnerships, BidSwitch has announced that commencing the beginning of August, BidSwitch Supply Partners will now have the option to accept the BidSwitch Trading Fee themselves and structure these agreements directly with demand partners. Historically this fee has only even been assigned and billed to Demand Partners, a process that is often difficult to understand for supply side partners.

The fee assignment can now be customized for each connected BidSwitch trading pair, using the bidswitch UI and workflow and will eventually also be applied to specific trading types like Deals and Private Marketplace opportunities, etc.

VP of Commercial for BidSwitch, Barry Adams stated that “For some time, many DSP and SSP partners have for requested us to provide greater control and flexibility around how our fee’s can be managed and applied. In this era of heightened transparency, we are very excited to be able to provide this level of transparency and flexibility to the process.”

As part of this release, BidSwitch is now also able to provide partners with a more flexible range of options in terms of how these bills can be applied and processed from a set-up and billing standpoint.