BidSwitch expands support for Video, Mobile Web & in-app formats.

Latest release creates major efficiencies for both Demand and Supply partners looking to access and trade Display, Mobile, Mobile in-app and video inventories, all via a single universal integration.

IPONWEB, the global pioneer of highly customized, real-time media trading platforms and technologies, today announced the launch of support for both Mobile and Video media formats. The latest release to the BidSwitch protocol (v2.1) now ensures support for Video and Mobile in-app inventory; allowing partners to easily connect and trade using the BidSwitch infrastructure.

BidSwitch provides a central infrastructure and standard for supply and demand platforms to quickly and efficiently access real-time tradable (RTB) media and partners, worldwide. BidSwitch works to eliminate barriers to RTB connectivity by allowing a partner to utilize a single technical integration in order to access the rest of the RTB trading eco-system. Trading partners will now be able to take advantage of video and mobile trading opportunities using the same single platform integration.

“Breaking down boundaries by enabling trading partners to quickly and centrally access new  media formats and channel partners is central to the BidSwitch proposition.” stated Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for IPONWEB, Scott Neville. “As the mobile, in-app and video ecosystems continue to grow and increase in complexity, many RTB platforms are now looking to quickly and efficiently extend their own trading capabilities and BidSwitch is well positioned to help them do exactly that.”




IPONWEB is an industry pioneer and world leader in the Engineering & Operation of highly customized, real-time media trading platforms and technologies. With more than 10 years experience driving innovation in the ad exchange and real-time technology space, IPONWEB is the ‘behind the scenes’ technology provider that many of the worlds leading industry players rely on to successfully power their businesses. IPONWEB’s u-Platform technology is used to customize and deliver more than 50 enterprise real-time trading platforms for advertisers, DSP’s, Trading Desks, SSP’s and DMP’s across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

About BidSwitch 

IPONWEB’s BidSwitch technology represents an infrastructure-level “Switch” that facilitates more than 75 Supply and Demand technology partners globally to quickly, efficiently & transparently connect & trade display, mobile and video inventory.