BidSwitch Introduces Free BETA Trial* of True Price to help demand partners bid more efficiently in first price auction environments.

As programmatic technology has matured, auction dynamics have also been growing ever more complicated. Trends such as header bidding, dynamic floor prices, and the rise of 1st price versus 2nd price auctions, while all well intentioned and delivered better returns for publishers, have created significant challenged for demand partners designed to operate in second price auction environments.

Buyers are now seeing up to 30% of auctions closing on 1st price every day, and with 60-80% of display publishers now enabling header auctions, 90% have been estimated to be non-transparently 1st price. Many DSPs are struggling to adapt their bidding technology and algorithms to accommodate for these changes. Keeping up on the technology front is both costly and time consuming and many Demand partners have been reluctant to bid on 1st price traffic as a result.

As part of BidSwitch’s continued effort to provide a more efficient ecosystem for our partners, BidSwitch is proud to introduce True Price BETA, a sophisticated system that helps DSPs to optimize their bidding strategies to better manage these inefficient auctions. BidSwitch Demand Partners can now maintain win-rates, but effectively pay less for the same impressions.

The True Price Beta works within the parameters of a DSP’s existing bid strategy to effortlessly predict and bid optimal prices for every impression opportunity without impacting delivery volume and campaign performance. By optimizing a DSP’s media spend to help make 1st Price Auctions operate similarly to 2nd Price Auctions, DSP partners can enjoy up to 32% media cost savings through the seamless clock of a button once set-up.

For SSP partners, True Price provides supply partners with the confidence to more wholly commit to making the transition over to 1st Price auctions, knowing that demand partners can continue to operate effectively and ensuring their own competitiveness in header bidding environments and competition.

Please contact your BidSwitch account manager, to find out how to activate your True Price trial today.