BidSwitch Launches Ads.txt Validator

As part of an ongoing effort, to provide greater transparency and combat fraud across the RTB ecosystem, BidSwitch today announced the release of their Ads.txt Validator tool which allows Publishers to quickly and easily report and validate their ads.txt entries.

Since first launching ads.txt support back in September, BidSwitch has been continuously crawling and logging ads.txt domain statuses and have recently completed processing over 1 million domain lists. The latest report includes 75k list of valid files and 8.8k list of invalid files.

The BidSwitch Ads.txt Validator page reviews the Ads.txt file on websites to help publishers understand if their ads.txt file is formatted correctly in compliance with ads.txt standards including: Ads.txt syntax, Your exchange URL(s), Relationship types, and Certification authority ID (optional).

BidSwitch continues to support the ads.txt initiative as part of our ongoing commitment to helping partners combat fraud.