BidSwitch Beta Launches, new Mobile In-App Fraud Detection service

BidSwitch, a global programmatic trading infrastructure, with a long history of providing free fraud detection across its entire ecosystem of partners, is excited to announce that they will be beta-launching an innovative new Mobile-app fraud detection service from early November.

The Mobile App Fraud Beta service leverages a proprietary combination of App and Unique User Identifier data to prevent suspicious bid traffic from becoming inventory, and thus protecting Demand Partners from bidding on mobile in-app requests flagged and identified as fraud.

Scott Neville, GM of BidSwitch stated that, “while ad fraud continues to dominate headlines, increasingly the display and web traffic space has actually become much more manageable, as more transparency is imposed and great fraud technologies come to bear. The Mobile App environment is a much challenging space however and has very much become the new frontlines of this battle.”

BidSwitch has long been operating at the front-lines in combating ad fraud across the real-time bidding ecosystem, having first introduced fraud detection services for free to its partners, soon after launch some 4 years ago.

Scott said that “Fraud in the app ecosystem is an area many companies continue to ignore and neglect and we are very excited that our team has been able to identify a range of innovative approaches towards combating the app fraud problem.”