BidSwitch Launches Multi-Currency Support for International Trading Partners

BidSwitch, a one-to-many connection point that enables over 150 Demand Side Platforms (DSP) and Supply Side Platforms (SSP) to facilitate global, programmatic media trading across Mobile, Video and Desktop, announced today that it now supports multi-currency trading. Demand partners connected to BidSwitch can maintain a universal currency (of USD) in their system to send out their bid request to all suppliers, even if the supplier auction is conducted in an alternative currency.

BidSwitch provides a central infrastructure and standard for supply and demand platforms to quickly and efficiently access real-time tradable (RTB) media and partners, worldwide. BidSwitch works to eliminate barriers to RTB connectivity by allowing a partner to utilize a single technical integration in order to access the rest of the RTB trading eco-system.

With the launch of BidSwitch multi-currency support, our demand partners can now access and buy supply across additional currency markets including the EURO and Japanese Yen ecosystems. Demand platforms are now be able to easily connect and trade with international suppliers while maintaining single currency bidding, reporting, and billing with no additional integrations. BidSwitch currently supports media trading in formats across display, video and mobile advertising.

“Breaking-down barriers to access and international trading for the RTB ecosystem is central to the whole BidSwitch proposition.”stated Bob Walczak, GM of BidSwitch. “With the launch of multi-currency support, we are now able to help overcome another significant hurdle for BidSwitch Demand partners that are looking to quickly and seamlessly expand their trading into new markets.”



About BidSwitch

BidSwitch is redefining the industry with a new approach to platform integrations. Engineered by IPONWEB, BidSwitch helps programmatic ad-tech and media companies overcome increasing marketplace complexity. We provide our partners with an efficient and transparent way to manage access to supply and demand at a global scale. Unlike an exchange, BidSwitch operates as a neutral, single access point; intelligently routing and filtering the bidstream to ensure optimized, non-fraudulent access for buyers and sellers.

Today, BidSwitch facilitates more than 150 supply and demand technology partners globally to connect and trade media across the display, mobile, video and native ecosystems, all via a single standardized integration.