Supply-Side Spotlight: LoopMe

In this edition of our Supply-Side Spotlight series, we’re talking with LoopMe, a leading outcomes-based advertising platform with a keen focus on attribution, Artificial Intelligence and analytics.

Founded in 2012 in London, UK, LoopMe has built its name on solving attribution for advertisers in real-time. Leveraging proprietary first-party, mobile, and GPS data combined with select third-party partnerships, LoopMe delivers measurable, incremental uplift for brand advertisers.

How does LoopMe set itself apart from other SSPs in the programmatic space?

As a business, LoopMe specialises in using AI to drive measurable uplift for business outcomes and more effective advertising across online and offline marketing goals, including brand lift, purchase intent, consideration, foot traffic, and sales. Leveraging our mobile data, powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms means LoopMe only delivers ads when they are most likely to perform against campaign goals (“Intelligent Exchange”).

Our Artificial Intelligence engine makes over 40 million decisions per campaign, serving ads to the top 10% of requests, making it one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s arsenal, improving return on ad spend. Across our SSP product, LoopMe offers significant and unique value to our demand partners via our 1PD generated through LoopMe’s survey technology, named ‘PurchaseLoop’, as well as having an AI powered marketing outcomes platform which adjusts QPS in real time according to advertiser demand. This product is called “Intelligent Exchange”.

How does artificial intelligence assist LoopMe’s media delivery and optimization of advertiser outcomes?

LoopMe’s Intelligent Exchange uses AI and first-party data to mirror supply to demand in real time, and does so on a paid impression basis. This means LoopMe throttles QPS up and down per GEO / ad format / publisher, and our new throttling logic optimises the bidstream per individual DSPs based on 5M individual throttle settings updated every 10 minutes.

LoopMe uses its patented PXY algorithm, which improves bid conversion rates with two new features: Smart Sampling, a mechanism to make better use of the large volumes of data we collect and provide our partners only with the traffic they have demand for, and Long Tail Processing. This has been incorporated with the PXY algorithm to allow optimisation for the long tail of rarely seen apps, so they are immediately pushed to full volume whenever we see a demand for them. This increases rCPM and profitability for our DSP partners and the agencies and brands behind this.

Our supply partners also love the product as it increases overall yield, creating a well-rounded, omnichannel product.

Video and rich media ad units have seen significant growth in recent years. How does LoopMe cater to advertisers looking to leverage these formats?

Our marketplace is increasing omnichannel and video (full-screen interstitial, instream, and outstream) across app and web, as well as CTV.

What role does the PurchaseLoop product play in enabling differentiated programmatic strategies for your advertisers?

Advertisers can use LoopMe’s award-winning PurchaseLoop product, which uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to optimize video advertising to real-world business outcomes. This can be delivered programmatically via PMP across all BidSwitch DSPs.

How is LoopMe helping advertisers plan for the imminent cookieless future?

As we navigate a post-identity world, LoopMe is positioned strongly because we have proactively planned for the phasing out of cookies and personal identifiers to ensure we continue to drive excellent results for our clients. Our multivariate approach has shown that we are able to maintain a 96% model performance, even with all identifiers removed, proving LoopMe’s scalable and adaptable ability to deliver lift across campaigns while the industry undergoes significant technical changes.

If you’d like to start leveraging the AI-powered brand uplift of LoopMe via BidSwitch, just reach out to your account manager today to get connected.