Supply-Side Spotlight: Emodo

In this Supply-Side Spotlight, we're chatting with David DiAngelo, Global VP of Marketplace Development at Emodo. With a product suite tailored for all sides of the digital advertising ecosystem, Emodo focuses on the creative experience to nurture memorable connections with consumers. 


1.) Hi David, and thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. Let’s begin with a quick summary of your company’s role in the digital advertising space.  

Picture1Emodo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ericsson, a world leader in the rapidly changing environment of communications technology, providing hardware, software, and services to enable the full value of connectivity. 

Emodo was founded as a mobile-first data solutions company in 2017, within the Ericsson Business Area Technologies and New Business (BTEB) group, an arm of the company tasked with seeking new growth opportunities outside of the traditional core business. Soon after acquisition, in 2018, Emodo acquired Placecast to leverage its leading mobile carrier-verified, location-based technology to elevate its data solutions offering. As the digital advertising and privacy landscapes changed, Emodo recognized the need to evolve the business and in 2021, Emodo acquired SSP, Axonix. The Axonix acquisition extended Emodo’s horizontal expansion as an independent, integrated platform with direct connections to hundreds of DSPs, publishers, and supply partners, while bringing verifiable accuracy to both the demand and supply sides of the programmatic ecosystem. Today, Emodo is an exchange delivering AI-powered, adaptive and dynamically optimized creative formats driving higher attention and engagement rates, without reliance on IDs. 

Emodo helps advertisers and publishers create more memorable connections with consumers through advertising that works better for everyone. We have a horizontal platform with buy- and sell-side technologies, powered by AI and focused on unique, dynamic advertising formats. Our groundbreaking creative formats are delivered at scale on unique inventory, with precision, to a highly qualified audience. Our core platforms and products include:  

  • Emodo Access: Emodo’s supply-side platform (SSP), specializing in video, CTV, mobile, Native, and Display inventory.
  • Emodo Connect: Emodo’s self-service ad buying platform that makes it easy to plan, activate, and optimize campaigns across Emodo's premium, high-quality and hand-curated cross-channel inventory.

  • Emodo Audiences: Emodo’s future-proofed audience portfolio, which includes predictive audiences and geo-contextual audiences, delivers accuracy and scale in an ID-less world.

  • Emodo Adapt: Powered by AI, Emodo dynamically enriches and optimizes native video and native display ads (and soon CTV ads!) with automated animations and effects that maximize advertiser performance at scale.

2.) A big focus for your team is on the creative experience across video, CTV, native, display, and more. How is Emodo leveraging unique ad formats to drive better results for advertisers?

We are focused on innovating and advancing creative formats that have lacked transformation in the last 10 years. This is possible through the marriage of art and science. We’ve started with Emodo Adapt. 

3.) Talking of ad formats, could you tell us a bit more about Emodo Adapt and how it differs from the standard native formats we’re used to seeing across the open web? 

Emodo Adapt is the richer and smarter alternative to standard native ads, helping advertisers across the open web go beyond the status quo, driving superior performance. They’re purpose-built to maximize results at scale, harnessing proprietary automatic creative enrichment and AI-powered dynamic optimization technology. 

Emodo Adapt automatically applies rich media-like animations and effects to basic native ad components, including videos and images, logos, headlines, body texts, and CTAs. In addition, we harness the full power and potential of AI to dynamically personalize Emodo Adapt ads in order to deliver the right experience, for the right person, in the right moment — maximizing advertiser results. 

Heading into 2024, we're actively working to extend the innovative, performance-driving capabilities of Emodo Adapt to the CTV environment — making CTV ads more dynamic, AI-driven, and contextually relevant.

4.) It’s clear that interactivity and personalization are at the heart of what you do. What sort of results are you delivering for your partners with your unique creative capabilities?

Sometimes it's best to let the numbers do the talking, so here's a snapshot of the results we can deliver across our product suite:

Emodo Adapt: 

  • For a CPG brand, Emodo Adapt drove 17% higher Attention vs. Standard Display Ads  
  • For a Retail brand, Emodo Adapt drove 71% higher Message Association vs. Static Native Ads  
  • For a QSR brand, Emodo Adapt drove a 66% increase in Brand Recall vs. the same creative without Adapt effects  
  • For a QSR brand, Emodo Adapt drove a 42% increase in Ad Recall vs. the same creative without Adapt effects  
  • For an Automotive brand, Emodo Adapt drove a 4.9X higher CTR vs. Standard Display Ads 
  • For a QSR brand, Emodo Adapt drove a 5.8X lower Cost Per Store Visit vs. Foursquare benchmark
  • Emodo Adapt drove 35% higher Attention vs. Standard Native Video Ads
  • Emodo Adapt drove 29% higher Completion Rate vs. Standard Native Video Ads
  • Emodo Adapt drove 55% higher Ad Recall vs. Standard Native Video Ads

Emodo Rich Media Ads: 

  • For a leading CPG brand, Emodo's Rich Media Ads drove a 300% higher Conversion Rate vs. Standard Display Ads 
  • For a leading QSR brand, Emodo's Rich Media Display Ads drove 14X higher ROAS vs. benchmark 
  • For a leading Food and Beverage brand, Emodo’s Rich Media Ads drove 120% higher Ad Recall vs. a Lucid benchmark 

5.) Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room: identity. With the loss of the third-party cookie on the horizon, how is Emodo building solutions to preserve scale and addressability? 

Given the deprecation of IDs starting with iOS 14.5, ID based audiences, like those built by other leading partners, will become scarcer and scale will be harder to achieve. Emodo’s Audiences and portfolio of customizable targeting capabilities leverage Emodo's deep expertise in location-based intelligence to help buyers reach the right people, at the right moment, at scale. They’re purpose-built to maximize advertiser results and many are future-proofed, requiring little to no access to device IDs or cookies. And while activation is easy and turn-key, Emodo’s specialized expert services team is available to provide hands-on strategic guidance, optimizations, and support. 

If you're looking to tap into Emodo's unique creative formats at scale across their unique inventory, connect today via BidSwitch or reach out to your BidSwitch account manager to learn more. Or dive deeper on Emodo by watching our dedicated Q&A webinar