Supply-Side Spotlight: ironSource

In this edition of Supply-Side Spotlight, we're catching up with the team from ironSource, an SSP uniquely positioned to deliver differentiation to advertisers and publishers through proprietary tools like in-app bidding.  



#1: First up, please summarize your company’s role in the programmatic industry.

ironSource is the leader in providing solutions for app developers to monetize and grow their businesses, and this has put us in the unique position to have direct access to the highest quality in-app ad inventory and make it available to advertisers on a programmatic basis. Eighty-eight percent of the top US mobile games use the ironSource platform, and we reach 2.5 billion MAU globally. Through our partnerships with leading DSPs and exchanges like BidSwitch, we enable brands and performance advertisers to reach users where they spend over four hours a day: in apps. 

#2: With a keen focus on the in-app ecosystem, what do you see as the most pressing trends in the space? Are these challenges or opportunities for ironSource?

We see tremendous opportunity for advertisers in-app, even though the landscape is rapidly changing. Industry consolidation, privacy regulation, and tracking changes continue unabated and don’t show signs of slowing down. It’s easier than ever to build an app, but fewer apps are breaking through in the same way that they did in the early days of the app store. Advertisers have to remain vigilant about brand safety and measurement. We see these as reasons for advertisers to be thoughtful about their in-app partners and consider those that provide visibility into supply sources, integration with OM-SDK and compliance with App-Ads.txt, and have direct relationships with publishers.

#3: The 5G rollout is continuing across the globe, unlocking faster in-app experiences for consumers. Does 5G represent a big opportunity for mobile-first publishers and advertisers?

5G has the potential to be transformative, but it’s still early days. ironSource research found that overwhelmingly consumers are excited about 5G but don’t have clearly defined expectations. The expansion of capacity, increased speeds, and new technology will enable things like greater interactivity for ad creatives and more powerful app experiences from developers. 

#4: In-app bidding is a key differentiator for ironSource. How is this form of real-time bidding helping your publisher maximize their revenue and key metrics like ARPDAU? 

Our LevelPlay mediation solution provides industry-leading offerings for publishers with more bidders than any other mediation platform, and our approach to bidding is a major component of what makes us unique. With our bidding, analytics, and optimization tools, publishers can take control of their monetization at a granular level and make sure that they are maximizing the value of every impression. Through solutions like custom adapters, we enable our publishers to bring in diverse demand and fully realize the revenue potential of their apps.

#5: In-game advertising looks set to become a key trend in 2022 and beyond. How is ironSource preparing for the mobile gaming ad space?  

ironSource has been the leader in the mobile gaming ad space for years and we will continue to provide advertisers with unparalleled access to consumers through mobile games. Our SuperSonic division (ironSource owned and operated games) has over 1.7 billion downloaded games to date, and we continue to secure meaningful relationships with publishers like our recently-announced partnership with Tilting Point. This year will see a continued focus on product innovation around both our LevelPlay mediation solutions for publishers as well as within iSX, our exchange offering for programmatic buying. 

#6: With privacy-focused initiatives like SKAdnetwork and Google’s Android Privacy Sandbox, what impact are you seeing in the mobile advertising ecosystem? How are you gearing up for a more privacy-centric future? 

There’s been a lot of public discussion about the impact of these privacy shifts. At ironSource we’re committed to working with Apple and Google to ensure we’re compliant with their privacy systems and developing best-in-class solutions for our advertisers and publishers while also helping to mitigate the distractions they face from doing what they do best: building amazing apps and games.

If you'd like to tap in to its rich source of premium in-app inventory, connect to ironSource today via BidSwitch. Not sure where to begin? Talk to your account manager today or just contact us.