Supply-Side Spotlight: Siprocal

In this edition of Supply-Side Spotlight, we're chatting with Max Gideon, VP of Streaming at Siprocal. We're covering an array of hot topics, including standardization in the CTV space, the looming addressability changes in our industry, and Siprocal's new Content Targeting features. 



1.) Hi Max! Thanks taking part in this Q&A. The best place to start is probably with a quick history of Siprocal and its role in the digital advertising ecosystem? 

maxgideonsiprocal_bidswitchSiprocal is a new company comprised of Column6, a CTV SSP; Digital Reef, a mobile ad tech platform; and Gamers Club, a gaming centric community platform—merged to create Siprocal.

Our goal and role in advertising is to create the next generation advertising platform focused on delivering premium access to audiences at scale.   

2.) One of Siprocal’s core offerings is to find audiences wherever they are, specifically Mobile, Gaming, and CTV. How do you achieve this cross-channel reach in a world which is increasingly focused on privacy? 

Siprocal prides itself on its direct publisher relationships that enable access to quality audiences for its advertisers.  

The company has always held a privacy-first product approach, anticipating the market and ensuring its clients can still engage their core audience. We have been purpose-built for the future of a cookieless environment, ensuring that our customers can still reach their core audience while maintaining privacy and integrity when working with us directly.

3.) Precision targeting has always been a challenge, especially on channels like CTV and OTT, but your new Content Targeting features are tackling this head-on. Can you tell us a bit more about these Content Targeting Packages? 

Sure thing! Our proprietary technology extracts, organizes, and transforms this data into powerful targeting cohorts.  

This allows our clients to take advantage of seasonal tentpoles, genre-level targeting, or build their own custom PMPs based on the goals they wish to achieve. Our team will work alongside our clients to craft an audience that can accomplish their goals in whatever shape or form. For example:

  • Content & Titles: Advertise during SportsCenter, AccuWeather, The Walking Dead, The Price is Right, or the epic clashes during NFL Playoffs or March Madness.

  • IAB Content Categories: Tailor messages for News, Comedy, Weather, Sports, Drama, Reality TV, Novelas, Game Shows and beyond.

  • Streaming & Live TV: Engage viewers during Live Content.

Note that these packages are available in the BidSwitch Deals Discovery tool at no extra cost—one of the big benefits of our close partnership with you at BidSwitch.

4.) Targeting users across the full funnel is a great win for advertisers, but the way those ads are delivered matters, too. How is Siprocal delivering more engaging ad formats to drive better results for advertisers?  

Siprocal’s data informs advertisers how best to adjust their creatives to reach their core customers.

Our real-time data provides insights into which creatives are performing based on KPI and overall campaign objective. We can then integrate that data into our client's infrastructure, enabling them to take action to deliver a perfectly tuned message to their customers. 

5.) There's no question that CTV advertising is on the rise, but questions remain around fragmentation, standardization, and transparency. How is Siprocal helping its clients navigate this ever-changing—and often challenging—landscape? 

We pride ourselves as being leaders in transparency and this is one of the founding values of our company.  

This manifests in our utilization of sellers.json, app-ads.txt and pre-bid filtering with IVT vendors. We pride ourselves on always being 100% transparent with our clients and passing all data within bid requests—so there are never any surprises when trading with Siprocal. 

6.) We touched on privacy earlier, but we can’t ignore the imminent deprecation of third-party cookies in Google Chrome planned for the end of 2024. Is this something Siprocal is planning for, or does your focus on CTV, gaming, and mobile mean you are somewhat insulated? 

Our precision targeting is completely independent of cookies, so, yes, at Siprocal, we've been insulated from cookie deprecation so far. Not only that, but we're ready already building our targeting technology to operate seamlessly in a cookieless environment. 

A big thanks to Max for taking part in the Q&A. Don't forget, if you'd like to know more about Siprocal's unique Content Targeting Packages, be sure to take a look at BidSwitch Deals Discovery or just reach out to your BidSwitch account manager.