Supply-Side Spotlight: Sonobi

In this edition of Supply-Side Spotlight, we're talking tech with fellow programmatic innovators, Sonobi. They're here to tell us about their audience-first approach and unique "programmatic + push notification" technology.Sonobi-logo_blue


1.) Thanks for spending some time with us. To kick off, could you please summarize Sonobi’s role in the programmatic industry. What unique value do you provide to your clients and partners?

First of all, we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us. To answer your question, I think the most important thing is our most recent offering, which is Programmatic + Push.

Sonobi is the only player in the industry offering a full service platform that offers Programmatic + Push Notifications which provides engagement and earning potential that is absolutely unparalleled in the industry today.
Historically, we’ve got pretty solid credentials as well. As a pioneer in the industry, Sonobi was the first company to:

  • Launch automated yield optimization for small and medium sized publishers in 2012
  • Offer header bidding for premium publishers through proprietary APEX integration
  • Develop consumer-side addressable identity framework in 2016
  • Offer programmatic reservation-based buying
  • Execute a nationwide addressable campaign

2.) One of the most interesting aspects of Sonobi’s offering is your unique ‘Programmatic + Push Notifications’ features. Could you please give us a quick overview of this tech and how it benefits the programmatic ecosystem? 

Push notifications are everywhere now. But standalone solutions are severely limited. As you know, push notifications are clickable notification messages that appear on your users’ browsers or devices, allowing subscribers to get updates about new content, site updates, or other timely information. This technology, combined with our proven header bidding solution, allows publishers to enjoy the benefits and key advantages of the combined platforms for the first time ever.

3.) Sonobi is known for its ‘audience-first’ approach to programmatic supply. With this in mind, how are you tackling the industry changes to identity and cookies?

While the demise of the cookie has been somewhat exaggerated, Sonobi stands ready to lead the way in what some say could become a “cookieless world.” As privacy continues to become an increasingly important issue to audiences, Sonobi has employed a sustainable, and powerful data driven solution to enable the company to exist without cookies, should the need arise.

JetStream platform uses a People-Based ID (PBID) to match real audiences visiting sites, and their devices, to any major marketplace technology. This gives the programmatic buying platforms an identity solution they can instantly recognize. This not only maximizes the scale of supply for programmatic buyers but also allows for supply-side campaign targeting across an expanding curated marketplace.

4.) Dovetailing with the previous question, could you tell us a bit more about your recently launched ‘JetStream’ platform in the context of identity changes?

Our partners love JetStream, and we’re so proud of it. JetStream is a revolutionary, data-driven, audience forecasting and planning platform that enables brands and DSPs to reach their ideal customers across multiple sites, devices, browsers, and channels. The platform boasts the management of numerous campaigns across multiple fragmented cookie siloes. JetStream is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant, connecting consented users into consumer ID spaces while maintaining total privacy.

5.) With your keen focus on the audience, how does Sonobi deliver a truly omni-channel offering and maintain addressability across devices?

Sonobi works with ComScore top publishers to deliver the most qualified audience connections in the industry today. This connection is possible through any media type, across absolutely any device, at any time. This enables advertisers to create relevant experiences that engage audiences, within the content they care about most, and at the time they are most likely to engage with it.

Sonobi’s omnichannel supply chain offers transparency and control, successfully reaching dedicated consumers across all devices and formats, while ensuring the highest quality user experience.

If you'd like to know more about Sonobi's programmatic solutions, or to connect to Sonobi as a BidSwitch supply partner today, please reach out to your account manager. And if you're not connected to BidSwitch yet, just get in touch and the team will get you up and running.