WEBINAR: Understanding Targeting Groups

With our webinar series, BidSwitch Explained, you'll learn tips, tricks, and AdTech fundamentals to help you get the most out of your BidSwitch connection – wherever you sit in the supply chain. In our inaugural webinar, we're focusing on Targeting Groups. 

With BidSwitch Explained: Understanding Targeting Groups, join BidSwitch’s Senior Technical Account Manager, Billy Lynn, as he reviews the role Targeting Groups play in supply filtering in this 30-minute webinar. 

  • Learn exactly how DSPs manage your supply through BidSwitch
  • Discover tips for working with DSPs to ensure your supply is best-positioned to satisfy their buying needs
  • Ask any questions about supply filtering works via BidSwitch -- and how you can take advantage as an SSP

Click Play below to watch the webinar now.